My-Enchanted-Acres ZKP Zion 9*M
DOB: February 12, 2014
~ N1671474 ~
G6S Normal
Sire: *B Lassenwood A Kharm Player
SS: *B Alize Kharm Personified
SD: CH Lassenwood Niko Placidia
Dam: GCH My-Enchanted-Acres LMO Zenyata 8*M
DS: Lassenwood Miller Ozzie
DD: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres LZZ Journey 7*M

We love this stylish, feminine doe. Though she was the wall flower
next to Skitles, she didn't stay there for long. Zion freshened with
a beautifully attached mammary, with a nicer medial and teat
placement over her dam. She is already showing herself capable of
dealing being on the show string. She was 9th Place milking
yearling at he 2015 National Show. We can't wait to see what
another year will bring.

2020 Planned Breeding:
Yearling Milker
5-04  EX90    E+EE
3-04  VG89   VEEV
2-06   VG87  VVVV
1-04   VG87  VVVV
2017- Zion had the year off and will hopefully be back in the show
ring next year.

1x 4th place 2 yo                                              SWW Fair
1x 5th place 2 yo                                              Clark Co Fair

2015 -
9th Place Yearling Milker                         National Show
1x 2nd/2nd Udder                                      Clark Co Fair
1x 2nd/2nd Udder                                      Lewis Co Fair
1x1st/1st Udder                                         Evergreen State Fair
1-02  171  790   (5.7)45F  (3.8)30P
1-11  264  1430 (5.7)81F  (3.8)55P
3-00  121   770  (5.6)43F  (3.8)29P
4-00  153   760  (5.0)38P  (3.9)30P
5-01  173  1019  (5.0)51F  (3.9)40P
2 Year Old/2nd freshener
3 Year Old/3rd freshener