SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres Ty's Promyse 5*M
DOB: April 24, 2013
~ N1647965 ~
                                         G6S Normal
Sire: *B My-Enchanted-Acres Title Blend
SS: +*B SGCH Wingwood Farm TS Timothy
SD: SG My-Enchanted-Acres Magic Blend 5*M
Dam: My-Enchanted-Acres Chyna Doll 4*M
DS: SG My-Enchanted-Acres Excaliber
DD: My-Enchanted-Acres Sonset Doll 3*M

Such a pretty little doe, that matured into a pretty nice milker. We
love Promyse's dairy strength along with her stunning mammary.
Hopefully Promyse will see more of the show ring next year.

Promyse has been one of those does that has been very slow to
mature. This year she came into her own finally and showed us, she
was worth the wait. She won her final leg towards her permanent
championship her first show out this year. She is a valuable member
of our show string.

2020 Planned breeding:
Pictured at 4 Months
6-02  VG88  +EEE
4-02  EX90    VEEE
3-04  EX90    VEEE
2-01  VG87   +EVE
1-11  209  1730  (5.5)95F  (3.7)64P
2-11  246  1890  (5.4)102F (3.9)74P
3-09  302  2407  (5.7)134F (3.8)92P complete
4-09  255  2337  (5.1)119F (3.8)88P
5-10  124  1386  (4.4)61F   (3.5)49P
1x Grand Champion                                  NWABGC
1x Grand Champion w/1st Udder               Clark Co. Fair
1x 2nd place Champion Challenge           Evergreen State Fair

1stw/1st Udder, Reserve Sr. Champion       Evergreen State Fair

2nd w/2nd Udder                                        Monroe Fair

2013 -  
1st Place Junior/ Junior Champion            Clark Co Fair
3 YO/ 2nd Freshening
4 YO/ 3rd Freshening