G6S Such a hot issue.
And one, that has hit us here at My-Enchanted-Acres. We began to suspect, in the fall of 2011, that
one of our Senior Herd Sires, *B My-Enchanted-Acres Zen's Reign, might be a possible carrier for
the recessive Genetic Disorder, G6S. In May of 2012, we had that suspicion confirmed. After much
thought and talking with fellow Nubian breeders, breeders whose herds and opinions we highly
admired and respected, we decided to keep and use Reign and manage this defect.  With Reign now
deceased, all of our herd sires have tested G6S normal.

First, we feel we have a responsibility to our animals, to our buyers and to any potential buyers by
testing our herd and knowing the status on each animal. As of 3/10/2015 our entire herd is
tested.  We do have 1carrier in the herd who will REMAIN here, because of her genetics and the
positive attributes she adds to this herd. All offspring from this carrier will be tested before they
leave the farm. We do not follow or believe in some of the practices other breeders are following of
culling a perfectly good, healthy, productive animal because of this mutation. We do believe in
working with it and testing their offspring.
We also believe testing for G6S is "NOT" the responsibility of any breeder, due to this not being an
infectious disease or, that any breeder be held liable to sell normal animals. That should be
between the buyer and breeder.

You will not find results on our individual doe pages. We are more than happy to discuss each doe
and disclose a doe's status if you are interested in ordering a kid from that particular doe.

We have been verbally abused, stalked and harassed to the point of having to take legal action. We
have been up front with our buyers and potential buyers, once we found out that Reign was a
carrier. And, to this day, that harassment continues BECAUSE WE chose to use Reign in our
breeding  program.
All offspring sired by Reign will be tested prior to leaving our farm.

In closing. How we each choose to manage our herds is our personal freedom to do so, in the
manner that is right for each of us. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to educate
ourselves and choose our own herd management practices that best fits our breeding program. To
say, you are a more responsible breeder because you choose to test, over a herd that does not, is  
demeaning to other breeders. It is each breeder's individual choice regarding how they chose to
deal with G6S and we have our free will to do just that. We lost Reign in the fall of 2013 due to
urinary calculi, but, will continue to use him through AI. We have made the decision to work with
this defect, not obliterate a genetic line because of it.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story.

My-Enchanted-Acres Dairy Goats
Kim & Tony Puzio
Our G6S Opinion and Story