Sire:+*B SGCH Copper-Hill Breakaway's Sonset
SS: ++*B SGCH Copper Hill Alginon's Breakaway
SD: SG Copper Hill Winter Beauty
Dam: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres #1 Arianna 6*M
DS: +*B My-Enchanted-Acres Discover
DD: GCH My-Enchanted-Acres HE#1 Shadow 5*M

How to explain our total love for this incredible doe. We knew she
was something special when she was born. She showed that in the
show ring as a kid. Then she continued her incredible journey of
showing, by being undeafted in the showring, as a dry yearling  
going 2x Best Junior Doe in Show, 2nd place dry yearling at
nationals and to top her year off, was picked as the INBA Reserve
All American  Dry Yearling. So, you must understand our
nervousness when the time came for her to freshen. You know,
the curse of the Junior Champion. It did not follow Molly. She
freshened with a beautifully attached, high, wide  ear udder with
a very smoothly blended fore udder. To say that she is an
improvement over her dam, is an understatement and Arianna
has a beautiful mammary. Molly has set the bar for this herd to
follow. She is the epitome of what a Nubian should look like in
our eyes. Now for the first show. Let the excitement begin.

Molly is now retired from the show ring, but continues her place
as our top brood doe. She continues to amaze us with the progeny
she produces. We gave Molly 2017 off after back to back
quintuplets. We feel that giving Molly a year off was the right
thing to do. She is looking awesome this fall and now has been
bred to Monte for March kids.

** Molly will now be officially retired from breeding. She has
proven herself in the show ring and as a brood doe, and will now
live out the rest of her years happily greeting visitors to the farm.
GCH My-Enchanted-Acres Molly Brown 7*M
      2009  INBA Reserve All American Dry Yearling
DOB: Feb. 26, 2008

DNA Typed, G6S Normal
7th Generation Permanent Champion
2-00  234  1380  (5.5)76F  (4.2)58P
2-11  240  1910  (5.0)95F  (4.1)79P
4-01  206  1740  (5.1)89F  (4.1)72P
5-11  233  1780  (5.4)97F  (4.2)76P
6-11  194  1560  (5.1)80F  (4.3)67P
Best Junior Doe in Show - Central WA Fair
out of 114 Junior Does
Junior Champion - WW State Fair Puyallup
Junior Champion - Evergreen State Fair
2nd place Dry Yearling - 2009 National Show
Best Junior Doe in Show - Clark Co Fair

2010-                              3x 1st                           NWABGC
1x Res Champ
2010 -                             2x 2 pl 2 year old          Boise Show
2010 -                             2x1st pl 2 year old        NWODGA Show
2010 -                             1x1st, 1x2nd                 NEWDGA Show
2010 -                             2x1st                            SWWDGA Show
2010 -                             1st pl 2 yo                     SWW Fair
2010 -                             1st pl 2 yo,
Reserve Champion, Best Udder of Breed  Evergreen State Fair
2010 -                              3rd pl 2yo       WW State Fair - Puyallup
2010 -                              1st pl 2yo          Central WA State Fair

2012 -                             2x 1st                          NWODGA Show
District 7 Nubian Specialty
Reserve Grand Champion & Best Udder of Breed

2012 -                          Reserve Champion NWABGC Show
2012 -                          Grand Champion     Evergreen State Fair
2012-                 Grand Champion, BOB, BUOB    WA State Fair
2014                      BOB                               Evergreen State Fair

2015- Molly has been retired from the show ring.She has more
than proven herself and will live out her life as befitting the
queen of the herd that she is.
Sire: +*B SGCH Copper-Hill Breakaway's Sonset
Dam: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres #1 Arianna 6*M
Molly - Dry Yearling
Reserve All American
Dry Yearling - 2009
3 year old 2nd freshener
7-04  EX90  VEEE
6-05  VG89  VEEV
2-06  VG89  VEEV
1-04    V      VVV
Molly -2 Year Old
4 year old 3rd freshener
Reserve Champion & BUOB
District 7 Nubian Specialty
4 Year Old 3rd Freshener
Photo courtesy of Pat Lantz of
Remuda Dairy Goats
Dist 7 Nubian Specialty
Best Udder of Breed