GCH My-Enchanted-Acres AR Melody 7*M
~ DOB: March 7, 2010 ~
Sire: +*B My-Enchanted-Acres Zen's Reign
SS: SG Lassenwood Zhivago Zen
SD: SG My-Enchanted-Acres Cinderblaze 6*M
Dam: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres Ariel 6*M
DS: +*B My-Enchanted-Acres Discover
DD: SG My-Enchanted-Acres BlazeO'GLory 5*M
2007, 2008, 2009 USDA Elite Doe

Finally an Ariel daughter we got to keep. And what a lovely
surprize when she freshened. Reign improved the medieal and
teat diameter over her dam. Added to this her very pretty
head. We are very excited with our first Reign daughter to
And Mel has NOT disappointed. She just keeps maturing into
this lovely, elegant doe that continues to show her incredible
will to milk and show.

2017 Planned Breeding:
My-Enchanted-Acres Leading Man
Yearling Milker
1-00  217  1260  (4.4)55F (3.4)43P
2-00  189  1410  (4.5)64F (3.5)49P
3-00  261  1970  (4.9)97F (3.7)73P
4-00  231  1660  (5.3)84F (3.8)60P
4-11  224  1820  (5.2)94F  (3.7)67P
5-10  141  1150  (5.1)58F  (3.6)41P complete
6-10  131  1110  (4.8)53F  (3.4)38P
5-03  EX91    VEEE
4-05  VG89   VEEE
3-03  VG88   +EEE
1-03  VG86   VV+V
Sire: My-Enchanted-Acres Zen's Reign
Dam: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres Ariel 6*M
2015-         7th pl 5 YO                                                    National Show
1st w/1st Udder, Grand Champion, BIS                       Clark Co Fair

2014-         BOB, BUOB                                                    Evergreen State Fair

2013-               2x 1st, 1x 2nd                                            SWWDGA Show
2x1st, 1x 4th, 1x 5th
2x Grand Champion
2x BOB, 2x BUOB                                                         NWODGA Show
2x 1st, 1x Res                                                               NWABGC  
Grand Champion                                                          Clark Co Fair
Reserve Grand                                                             SWW Fair
1st w/2nd Udder                                                            Evergreen State Fair
2012           16th pl 2 yo                                                     National Show
       part of our 5th pl Dairy Herd
2011           1x 1st, 1x2nd -                                                NWODGA Show
2nd w/1st Udder                                                          Evergreen State  Fair
4th w/1st Udder                                                            SWW Fair
3 year old 3rd freshener
5 Months Old
2 yo 2nd freshener
5 Year Old 5th Freshener
Mel is our 1 G6S carrier in the herd. Her kids will be tested before they leave.