SG My-Enchanted-Acres KlasicKrome 6*M
DOB: June 1, 2015
~ N1756585 ~
DNA Typed, Parentage Verified, G6S Normal by Parentage
Sire: +*B My-Enchanted-Acres Blue Thunder
SS:+*B SGCH  Engylskye Countof Monte Cristo
      * Elite Sire *
SD: GCH My-Enchanted-Acres Molly Brown 7*M

Dam: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres KW Kharisma 5*M
DS: Alize Kharm Personified
DD: SGCH Thunder-Ridge PS Willow 4*M

Another Thunder daughter to freshen and again, so not
disappointed. This doe has some maturing to do, but she has all
the right parts in all the right places and put that together with
a mammary that is right in line with her dam's and granddams.

2020 Planned Breeding:
*B Wingwood Farm Lovin Astaire

5th place 4 Year Old
Part of: 2nd Place Dam & Daughter    2019 Nat'l Show
2nd w/1st Udder                                   Evergreen State Fair


3x 1st place yearling milker                   NWABGC
1x 6th place 2yo, member of 1st place Senior Get
Sire                                                       Clark Co.Fair
1x 3rd w/2nd udder, member 1st place Senior Get of
Sire                                             Evergreen State Fair
4-00  EX91 VVEE
2-00  VG89  VEEE
1-09  258 1473  (5.5)81F   (4.1)61P
2-08  285 2034  (5.4)109F (4.2)85P
4-00  193 1540  (5.1)78F   (4.1)64P
4-07  294 2537  (5.2)132F  (4.2)106P
3 Year Old/2nd Freshener
Dam: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres Kharisma
Sire: My-Enchanted-Acres BlueThunder
2 Year Old/1st Freshener
4 Year Old/3rd Freshener
PTI 2:1 58
PTI 1:2 17
ETA 2:1 35
ETA 1:2
5 Year Old/4th Freshener
Pictured with 14 hours of milk 7 Months Fresh