SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres LZZ Journey 7*M
~ DOB: March 15, 2009 ~
                            DNA Typed, G6S Normal
          7th Generation Permanent Champion
         ~ 3/15/2009 - 3/17/2020 ~
Sire: +*B SG Lassenwood Zhivago Zen
SS: +*B Lassenwood Rainmaker Zhivago
SD: GCH Niro Dandy's Zettie 1*M
Dam: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres #1 Arianna 6*M
DS: +*B My-Enchanted-Acres Discover
DD: GCH My-Enchanted-Acres HE#1 Shadow 5*M

Journey is a long, tall  dairy doe who is already showing
improvement over her dam in milk production. Journey
has always "walked" to the beat of a different drummer,
but she is a solid doe who is on her way to earning her
place on the show string.
Journey, as a 4 year old this year, was a solid presence in
the show ring and part of our very successful Dairy Herd at
fair. We look forward to seeing what another freshening at
the age of 5 will bring us.

It is with a heavy heart that we said good-bye to this sweet,
amazing doe. It was discovered in December, that Journey
had a mass on her bladder, and cancer was suspected. She
was given a month at most, and made it 3 months. She will
live on in our herd through her descendants, but there is a
emptiness in the barn. RIP sweet girl.
2 year old - 1st freshener
6-03  EX91   EEVE
5-05  EX90   VEVE
4-03  EX92   EEEE
2-03  VG87  VVVV
2-01  222 1440  (5.1)73F  (4.0)58P
3-00  211 1680  (5.3)89F  (3.9)66P
4-00  243 1680  (5.6)94F  (4.2)71P
4-11  257 2090  (5.6)117F (4.3)89P
5-11  239  1950  (5.6)109F  (4.3)84P
7-11   109  670   (5.4)36F  (3.9)26P
Sire: SG Lassenwood Zhivago Zen
Dam: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres #1 Arianna 6*M
2010 -               Junior Champion                                  Idaho Syringa Show
2012 -                Reserve Champion                              NWABGC
2012-                19th place 3 yo                                      2012 National Show
2012                 Evergreen State Fair -                          2nd/2nd udder
2012-                WA State Fair -
2013-                Reserve Champion                               Clark Co Fair
2014-                 2nd w/2nd Udder                                  Clark Co Fair
           1st w/1st Udder                                    Evergreen State Fair
           2nd w/1st Udder                                   WA State Fair
2015-                 1st w/1st Udder Reserve Champion      Clark Co. Fair
           1st w/1st Udder                                     SWW Fair
5 year old - 4th freshener
Dry Yearling
3 year old - 2nd freshener
6 w/5 Freshenings