GCH My-Enchanted-Acres LMO Jordyn 6*M
DOB: February 11, 2010 ~ January 21, 2019
DNA Typed
Sire: ++*B Lassenwood Miller Ozzie
SS: Prairie Patch Miller
SD: Lassenwood SHRM Zenobia
Dam: SG My-Enchanted-Acres Magic Blend 5*M
DS: Painter's Master Blend
DD: GCH My-Enchanted-Acres Emma 4*M

When Jordyn hit the ground,  we knew we had something
special. She proved that time and time again in the
showring. She was a favorite then and still is. She is our
heartbreak.  Though Jordyn sustained a  fracture to her
spine, it has not kept this very beautiful doe out of the
show ring. It does not hamper her from carrying kids and
having them. Jordyn freshened with a stunning mammary
and elegance that Maggie passes down to her offspring.
Jordyn was shown last year and even with a crooked hip,
still was able to hold her own in the shown ring. Again, she
kidded for the 3rd time, unassisted and all by herself. Wish
all the does would kid this easy.
As a 4 year old this year, she has shown us her strength
and stamina in the show ring and milk parlor. She has been
honored with being named grand champion at 2 different
6-04   EX90  VEVE
5-05   EX91  EEVE
4-04   EX91  EEEE
2-04   VG88  VVVV
1-06   VG88   EEVV
SG My-Enchanted-Acres Magic Blend 5*M
*B Lassenwood Miller Ozzie
1-02  118    700  (4.1)29F  (3.4)24P
2-01  222  1670  (4.4)73F  (3.5)58P
3-05  229  2090  (5.0)104F (3.7)77P
3-11  314  2650  (5.3)139F (4.1)106P
5-02  240  2060  (5.6)116F (3.6)74P
6-02  204  1690  (4.9)83F  (3.7)62P
Yearling milker
2011  NWODGA                    2x 1st
2011 NWODGA Show            2x 2nd
2011 Monroe Fair                  2nd/1st Udder
2012 Monroe Fair                  1st/1st Udder       
2012 WA State Fair               1st/1st Udder
2013 SWWDGA Show            2x 1st  Grand Champion
2013 NWODGA Show             4x 1st
2013 NWABGC Show             3x 1st/ Reserve
2013 Monroe Fair                   1st w/1st Udder
                          Grand Champion
4 year old 4th freshening
2 year old 2nd freshening
3 year old 3rd freshening
Photo courtesy of Judy Bevaart of
Blossom-Thyme Dairy Goats
6 year old 6th freshening
5 year old 5th freshening