Dam: My-Enchanted-Acres LS Phoebe 5*M
Sire: +*B SG My-Enchanted-Acres Trail Hawk
SG My-Enchanted-Acres Carbon Copy 6*M

 G6S Normal
Sire: +*B SG My-Enchanted-Acres Trail Hawk
SS: ++*B SGCH E-B Brown's XJB Trailblaiser
SD: GCH My-Enchanted-Acres HE#1 Shadow 5*M
Dam: My-Enchanted-Acres LS Phoebe 5*M
DS: *B Trillium Trails GB Soave
DD: GCH My-Enchanted-Acres C&S Legacy 4*M

Bonnie is our first Trail Hawk daughter to freshen and she is
everything we hoped for. Hawk improved over her dam the
width and height to the rear udder along with teat size. She
is also showing us more depth and width throughout than
her dam.  Her dam Phoebe was one of our favorites and it's
nice to see her daughter following in her footsteps as Bonnie
too, has become one of the herd favorites.

Bonnie has taken the year off. Please check back in the fall
on Bonnie's planned breeding.

Bonnie has been retired from the showring, as it really is not
her favorite thing. And though she only needs 1 more leg to
finish, we feel her happiness far outways that elusive, final
leg. She has earned her retirement.
DOB: March 10, 2005
2010 - 2x1st, 1x Res. Champion      SWWDGA Show
2010 - 1x1st                                    NWABGC Show
2010 - 1xGCH                                 NWODGA Show
 2nd pl 5 yo                           Clark Co Fair
 6th pl Aged Doe                    SWW Fair
2010 - Grand & BOB                      Evergreen State Fair
2010 - 2nd pl Aged Doe, member
1st Breeders Herd, 1st Dairy Herd   WW Fair
2009 - National Show 13th pl 4 year old
2008 - 2x2nd w/ 2nd udder, 3x 3rd, 1x4th
Junior Champion - Southwest WA Fair - 2006
2-00  252  1510  (5.3)80F  (3.9)58P
3-01  243  1820  (4.9)91F  (3.6)67P
3-11  259  1730  (5.5)95F  (3.8)66P
4-11  266  1960  (4.9)96F  (3.6)70P
5-10  254  1760  (5.0)88F  (3.6)64P
6-09  135  1150  (5.3)61F  (3.8)44P
7-10   53    450  (5.6)25F  (4.018P
Bonnie-5 months  
Dry Yearlings
Bonnie 2 Years Old
Bonnie - 3 Years Old
PTI 2:1  40
PTI 1:2  1
ETA 2:1
ETA 1:2
Bonnie 4 Years Old
Bonnie 5 Years Old
Picture taken @ Monroe Fair after going BOB
5-05  EX91  EEEE
4-03     EX90     VVEE
3-04    VG88     VVEV
1-03      V          V+V