SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres Ariel 6*M
               DOB: March 4, 2006  ~  June 22, 2016
                                    ~ N1383211 ~

G6S Normal  

7-02  EX90 VEEE
4-05  EX92 EEEE
3-04  EX90 VEEE
2-04  VG86 VEVV
Sire: +*B My-Enchanted-Acres Discover
SS: *B Regerhrs Alginon's Ace
SD: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres Hailey 4*M
Dam: SG My-Enchanted-Acres BlazeO'Glory 5*M
2007 USDA Elite Doe
2008 USDA Elite Doe
2009 USDA Elite Doe
DS: +*B Trillium Trails SO Debonaire
DD: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres Hailey 4*M

Ariel has been a doe that has been so exciting to watch
mature over the years and become that very special doe
that we knew she would become. This was a tight line
breeding on Hailey and she has Hailey stamped all over
her. Not such a bad thing.
In trying to discribe Ariel, I am having trouble finding the
right words. Ariel just excels. I guess that covers it all.
And she is as professional as they come. In the show ring
and on the milk stand. We finally have been able to keep
a does out of Ariel.  
Melody and Amelia are showing us the
strength of genetics from their dam. Mel finished this year
and isnow a permenent champion and
Amelia, first time
out, earned her dry leg.

Ariel has been retired. For all she has given us and to the
herd, we will let her live out her life peacefully, eating hay
and greeting everyone who comes to the farm.
PTI 2:1 60
PTI 1:2 18
1-02  183    900 (5.6)50F  (3.7)33P
2-02  224  1650 (6.0)98F  (3.8)62P
2-11  259  1730 (6.0)103F (3.9)68P
4-00  246  2030 (5.1)104F (3.9)78P
4-11  284  2360 (5.3)126F (4.0)94P
6-00  189  1680 (4.8)81F  (3.8)63P
7-00  167  1730 (5.0)84F  (3.8)65P
2006- 1x1st, 1x Reserve Jr Champion             Monroe Fair
2009 -3x 1st Pl 3 yo                                         SWWDG Show
2x Grand Champion, 1x Reserve   
3x Best of Breed 1x Best Doe in Show   SWWDG Show
12 pl 3 yo 2009 National Show
1x 2nd                                                    Clark Co Fair
1x 1st                                                     Lewis Co Fair
2010 - 3x 1st, 3x Grand Champion ~
3x Best of Breed        
1x Best Doe in Show                             NWABGC Show

2x Grand Champion ~
1x Best Of Breed   
1x Best Udder Of Breed                      Boise, Idaho Show

2x Grand Champion ~
1x Best of Breed                                 NWODGA Show

1x Grand, 1x Best of Breed                 NEWDGA Show

3x 1st                                                   SWWDG Show
Ariel - yearling milker
Ariel - 2 year old 2 freshening
Ariel - 3 year old 3 freshening
Dam: Glory
Sire: Discover