SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres #1 Arianna 6*M

                                             6th Generation Permanent Champion
Sire: *B My-Enchanted-Acres Discover
SS: *B Regehrs Alginon's Ace
SD: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres Hailey 4*M
Dam: GCH My-Enchanted-Acres HE#1 Shadow 5*M
DS: *B Crown Hill Night Hawk
DD: GCH My-Enchanted-Acres Emma 4*M

This is a doe that has become a total surprise to us and far exceeded
our expectations of her. Arianna was 1 of a set of quads.  She
freshened with a beautifully attached mammary that is higher,
wider with more deliniation seperating the 2 halves than her dam.
Arianna did inherit from her mother her beautiful breed  and dairy
character. Though she is a little high strung in the show arena, she
is a a total professional in the milk stand. Being a Shadow daughter
just adds to her charm. Arianna has earned her place in the herd
and we thank her everyday for this.

Her daughter's in the herd are
Molly and Journey.

Arianna finished her championship at the SWWDGA show 4th of
July weekend. We couldn't be happier with this beautiful, amazing

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of this very
special doe. Arianna was diagnosed with a brain tumor in the
winter. She went down hill quickly and when the time came, we said
goodbye with the help of our vet. RIP Arianna. You left us to soon.
2-00  226  1290  (5.4)70F (4.4)57P
2-10  240  1690  (5.4)91F (4.3)73P
3-11  227  1720  (5.2)89F (4.2)72P
4-11  212  1420  (4.9)70F (4.2)60P
Arianna-5 months  
Sire: *B My-Enchanted-Acres Discover
Dam: GCH My-Enchanted-Acres HE#1 Shadow 5*M
Dry Yearlings
Arianna - 4 years old
5-04 EX90 VEEE
4-03  EX90  VEEE
3-03  VG87 VVVV
1-03    V     V+V
Arianna - 2 years old
       2009 National Show

14th place 4 year old  
Member of the 4th place  Dam & Daughter
Member of the 7th place Dairy Herd
Member of the 9th place Best 3 Seniors
1x Grand Champion                            2010 NWODGA Show
1x Reserve Champion                         2010 SWWDG Show
1x Grand Champion                            2010 SWWDG Show
1st pl 5 yo                                                   Clark Co Fair
2nd pl Aged doe, 1st Dam & Daughter        SWW Fair
3rd pl CC, 1st Dam & Daughter          
1st Breeders Trio, 1st Dairy Herd                Monroe  Fair
BOB, 2nd Dam & Daughter
Member 1st Breeders Trio, 1st Dairy Herd  WW State Fair
PTI 2:1 30
PTI 1:2  5
ETA 2:1 4
ETA 1:2 -26
Arianna - 5 years old
      DOB: April 9, 2005 ~ June 19, 2013