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If you see an animal for sale but feel we are to far away to  purchase, Tony takes a road trip the beginning of May to
deliver personally, your kid. We charge the cost of gas. All health certificates are the responsibility of the buyer
We have been doing this for 6 years now, and the kids arrive healthier, happier and ready to join your herd.
So please consider this option

425-314-7784 or e-mail, for any questions.
We have had a nice doe year so far and will be offering quite a few for sale.
Please check out our Planned Breedings page to see who has kidded and if
there is an open availability. We will be posting pictures of the doelings that we
have for sale as soon as we can get pictures of them taken.
                                                        *B   My-Enchanted-Acres LMO Zeke
                                                                              DOB: February 28, 2015
          $700.00 FIRM


We are offering Zeke for sale to a home where he will be used more. He is a gentle buck who is easy to handle. He is producing
correct kids, with his first milking daughter already showing more height and width to the rear mammary than her dam. We
are moving in a different direction in our breeding program and have decided to retain his maternal brother.


                    CAE Negative, G6S Normal by Test                           Zeke's Dam: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres LZZ Journey 7*M
Sire:++*B  Lassenwood Miller Ozzie
SS: Prairie Patch Miller
SD: Lassenwood Shrm Zenobia
Dam: SGCH  My-Enchanted-Acres LZZ Journey 7*M
DS: +*B SG Lassenwood Zhivago Zen
DD: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres #1 Arianna 6*M
                                            2018 Available Kids for Sale
Buckling- DOB: February 5th     $850.00 FIRM

Sire: SGCH Engylskye Countof Monte Cristo
Dam: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres JustN'Style 2*M
        2017 Top Ten in Protein

We feel that this boy would be a great addition to any
herd looking to improve mammary, dairy strength and
MILK. We have retained his sister along with his
brother heading to Wisconsin.
Doeling- DOB: February 16th     

Sire: My-Enchanted-Acres BlueThunder
Dam: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres Ty's Promyse 5*M

We feel that with Promye's beautiful mammary, and
Thunder's ability to pass on Milk, this doeling would
make a nice addition to a herd that is looking to
improve production. Her sister is heading to a dairy in
Texas for that same reason.
Doelings- DOB: February 22nd     $600.00 FIRM

Sire: My-Enchanted-Acres BlueThunder
Dam: My-Enchanted-Acres ZKP Zion 9*M

We are offering for sale 2 doelings from Zion and
Thunder. They are already showing the length and
levelness over the rump that Thunder is throwing in
his daughters. Add to that, beautiful Nubian heads.
Weexpect Thunder to also add milk as we have 3
daughters on DHIA and showing more level lactations
over their dams.