Sire:  Painter's Master Blend
SS: ++*B  GCH  H. Homestead Catalyst  87 V+E
SD:  GCH Painter's DOM " No Jelly " *M  86 +FEV
Dam: GCH  My-Enchanted-Acres Emma 4*M    91 VEEE
DD: +*B GCH  Regehrs Alginon's Beaujolais  90 EVV
DS: GCH Truly Fine Farm Gracie 3*M  83 AVEV

SG My-Enchanted-Acres Magic Blend 5*M
DOB: March 9, 2002 - June 20, 2013
Maggie has become one of the mainstays in this herd. At the age of 8,
she finally deepened in the barrel and got over that "immature" look.
We have discovered that our Emma line just takes a little longer to
mature, but we like seeing does at the age of 6, 7 and 8 holding it all
together and not broken down. What we have come to realize, is that
Maggie is our most consistent brood doe. Took us long enough. She
continually produces correct, dairy, pretty to look at offspring. Since
we have 4 of her daughters in our herd and 2 of her sons, that must
say something. She is a very dairy doe with beautiful breed character.
She possesses a beautiful shaped, capacious mammary that is high and
wide in the rear. I would like to see a little more extension in the fore
as she does break a little, but I can live with that. She has become a
very valuable member of this herd and we thank her for this everyday.

Maggie has been bred to Excaliber.
Due:December 28, 2103
1st Buck Reserved

Maggie kidded on Dec 26 with a single doeling. This doeling will be

The loss of our sweet Maggie will be felt for years to come. Her gentle
presence is so missed. RIP Maggie. You will live on in the herd thru
your offspring.
Sire: *B Painters Master Blend
Dam: GCH My-Enchanted-Acres Emma 4*M
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3-01  205   1580   (4.9)78F   (3.5)55P
4-00  215   1790   (5.1)90F   (3.8)67P
4-11  260   1890   (4.9)93F   (3.9)73F
6-00  225   2110   (4.8)101F (3.7)77P
6-11  258   2000   (5.1)101F (3.7)72P
7-10  288   1550   (5.3)83F   (3.9)60P
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6-04   EX91  VEEE
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PTI 2:1  47
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