Sire:*B  CH  Trillium Trail SO Debonair  88 VVV
  SS:++*B GCH Kismet Marvins Smooth Operator
SD: GCH Trillium Trails AJ Delight 12*M

Dam: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres Hailey 4*M  89 VEEE
DS: Trillium Trails RT Ablaze
DD: GCH Truly Fine Farm Gracie 3*M  83 AVEV
SG My-Enchanted-Acres BlazeOGlory 5*M
DOB: April 26, 2001
1-04    V        V,Ec,+
4-02   VG 89  V,E,E,V
Glory is a sweet natured doe who is has become a personal favorite of
mine. At the age of 6, she is still level over the topline and rump along
with standing on very sound feet and legs. She is a quiet, unassuming
doe who just wants to please. She is a doe that gives us triplets or quads
every year and usually all by herself. Glory freshened with a beautifully
shaped mammary that is very smoothly blended in the fore, with a good
medial deviding the 2 halves..  If I would change anything it would be
the width to the rear.  She is a dairy doe exhibited by her flatness of
bone, opened rib spacing and long, lean neck.

Dam: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres Hailey 4*M
Sire:*B CH Trillium Trails SO Debonaire
Glory has 2 Champion legs
Glory - Dry Yearling
3-10  136  1500  (4.7)71F  (3.3)50P
4-10  219  2180  (4.6)99F  (3.3)71P
2008 USDA Elite Doe