My-Enchanted-Acres Ace's Angel 5*M
N1298649 ~
Sire: *B Regehrs Alginon's Ace
SS: ++*B Fra-Jac's Lord Alginon
SD: GCH Regehrs #1 Sparkle Plenty 4*M
Dam: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres Hailey 4*M
DS: *B Trillium Trails RT Ablaze
DD: GCH Truly Fine Farm Gracie 3*M

Angel freshened with a beautifully attached mammary that is very
consistent with a Hailey daughter. We are seeing a slightly better
medial dividing the 2 halves than in Flame or Cassie and  much more
lateral attachment than on Glory. As with her maternal sisters, she is a
dairy doe exhibited by her flatness of bone and pliable skin. In breeding
Hailey to Ace, we were trying to get as close a breeding that produced
Flame and I think we did just that.  She is a sweet reminder of her
Angel has been retired due to a back injury.
DOB: March 20, 2004
Sire: *B Regehrs Alginon's Ace
Dam: SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres Hailey 4*M
5-03 VG89 VEVE
4-04   VG88     +EEE
2-03   GP83      +++V
Angel - 4 months old
Angel - 2  years old
2-00  228  1310  (5.3)70F  (3.8)50P
2-11  258  1620  (4.9)79F  (3.8)61P
3-11  215  1880  (4.7)88F  (3.5)66P
4-11  223  1720  (4.5)78F  (3.7)66P
2009 - 19th place 5-6 year old - National Show
2008 - 2x1st, 3x2nd, 1x 4th  place 4 year old
2007 - 19th place 3 year old -  National Show
Angel - 4 years old