2012 Show Highlights
NWODGA District 7 Nubian Specialty
1st place Intermediate kid - My-Enchanted-Acres Chyna Doll
1st place and Jr. Grand Champion - My-Enchanted-Acres LMO Zenyata
1st place Best 3 Juniors
1st place Junior Get-of-Sire - Lassenwood Miller Ozzie
1st place 4 Year Old, Reserve Grand Champion, Best Udder of Breed
My-Enchanted-Acres Molly Brown 7*M
1st place Best 3 Senior Does
Western Washington State Fair
1st place Junior Get-of-Sire - Lassenwood Miller Ozzie
1st place and Junior Champion - My-Enchanted-Acres Kover Girl
1st place 3 Year Old - My-Enchanted-Acres LMO Jordyn
1st place 4 Year old, Grand Champion, BOB, Best Udder of Breed
GCH My-Enchanted-Acres Molly Brown 7*M
2nd place 4 Year old, Reserve Champion
 My-Enchanted-Acres Magic Sonset 6*M
1st place Best 3 Seniors, Breeders Trio, Dairy Herd
     3rd Place Best Dairy Herd in SHow
  NWODGA 3rd Ring
1st place 5 year old and Grand Champion
Thunder Ridge PS Willow 3*M

This finished Willow.
Molly - GC, BOB, BUOB
Kover Girl - Jr. Champion
Sonny - Reserve Grand
Dairy Herd -
Molly, Destiny, Jordyn, Sonny
2012 National Show - Loveland, CO
Intermediate Kid Class  
6th Place - Chyna Doll

Senior Kid Class
2nd Place - LgllyBlonde

Senior Yearling
2nd Place - SonsetNTime
11th Place - Zenyata

Best 3 Juniors
1st Place

Junior Get of Sire - Lassenwood Miller Ozzie
2nd Place
2 Year Old Milker
16 Place - Melody

3 Year Old Milker
19 Place - Journey

4 Year Old Milker
8th Place- Molly
20th Place - Sonny

5 & 6 Year Old Milker
9th Place - Willow
12th Place - Andi

Dairy Herd - Pictured at left
6th Place - Andi, Willow, Melody, Molly

Best 3 Females
4th Place -

Produce of Dam
6th Place - Arianna ( Molly & Journey )
15th Place - Cassiopeia ( Andi & Orien )